Chairman Message

From our modest beginnings in 1984, our Group has grown into an international organization with a proven track record of success in new products & services. Our philosophy is simple; regardless of the end product, whether it is Consultancy, International Freight, Warehousing, Primary & Secondary Distribution, Afghan Transit, or Aircraft Vessel Charter – we continuously strive to provide our customers with top-quality services at competitive prices.


We made it possible through, first, our commitment to the team and the second, our reliance on modern means of technology. Coupled with our investment in people, this new and improved technology deployment ensures quality services. We are proud of our past and are preparing ourselves to meet the challenges of the future with confidence.


About Company

Dynamic Logistics International: DLI is a leading freight forwarding company that started as a custom brokerage house in 1986 in Karachi, Pakistan. The customers’ close associations and confidence bestowed on us encouraged the management to venture into a broader service scope. Thus Dynamic Logistics International was formed as a Private Limited Company in 1997.

Our principal asset is our professional team; we are very proud of that! DLI is a team of dedicated professionals fully equipped with the most advanced technology and vast experience handling even the most delicate and sensitive shipments with professional expertise.


DLI offers free consultancy to customers in meeting their particular requirements. It offers total transportation with detailed cost/expense planning, including all services with a wide array of readily available solutions and competitive pricing.


DLI enjoys the most cordial relations with all the carriers/vessels operating directly or indirectly from Pakistan.


As premier service international Freight Forwarders, we rank second to none in designing logistics infrastructures that best compromise cost, speed, and reliability. We are proud of our past and preparing ourselves to meet the challenges of the future with confidence.

Mission & Vision

To provide our customers top quality logistics services with cost effective solutions & operational excellence to meet and exceed their growing business needs through the best use of modern technology and committed team members.

– Top Choice Logistics Solution Provider in the Region
– Offering Reliable and Integrated Logistics Support
– Providing Global Access to the Customers


Customer Focused

DLI Logistics is deeply committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We believe in creating strong relationships that positively impact our clients’ everyday operations, building trust that forms the foundation of our company.

Cultural Norms

We believe that integrity and honesty are key components of a successful business. We approach our logistics services with respect for our customers, employees, and industry partners, encouraging their development and rewarding performance.


The most important part of a business is trustworthiness and genuineness towards work, clients, and representatives. DLI ensures to maintain honesty and trust on a greater level.

Quality of Services

Providing quality services to our clients and customers is our prime motto. We combine our knowledge, experience, and skills to meet your benefits.

Team Work

We work together to meet our customers’ needs and positively impact our company. We are one company, one team, and we strongly believe in the power of teamwork.


At, Dynamic Logistics International we are always open to innovations and advancements in our logistics services. We continuously monitor our performance, focusing on improving results for our customers.


We can face crises head-on and draw on the innovativeness needed to move forward.


DLI Logistics has been recognized for its outstanding performance and dedication to excellence in the logistics industry, earning multiple prestigious awards and achievements over the years. These include the Indian Subcontinent Best Partner Award in 2008,2009 & 2010 from WCA (World Cargo Alliance), the Qatar Airways Appreciation Award in 2002-2003, and the Best MTG Member Award to Pakistan at the 10th MTG Anniversary Conference in Singapore in 2011. Additionally, DLI Logistics has also been honored at the Fleet Management Reward Ceremony. These awards are a testament to DLI Logistics’ unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, innovative solutions, and sustainable logistics practices, and they inspire us to continue setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

Our Team

Irfan A. Faridi

Group CEO

Mafaaz Faridi


Saboor Faridi


Waseem Iqbal

Chief Commercial Officer



M. Qasim Pirzada

Director - North

Imran Akhtar

Director of Operations

Sheraz Hussain

Director Sales & Marketing