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DLI Group has strategically diversified its operations beyond freight forwarding, extending its reach into various sectors. While originally rooted in custom brokerage, the company has successfully expanded its services internationally. This strategic evolution showcases the group's adaptability and commitment to meeting diverse client needs, making it a dynamic player in both local and global markets.

  • 1984 Cavish Enterprises

    Cavish Enterprises is a leading producer and distributor of top-quality noise insulating and vibration dampening materials for automotive applications. Our products, backed by thorough research and testing, promise durable and reliable solutions, delivering outstanding results to clients.

  • 1995 Sales Tax Advisory Services

    Sales Tax Advisory Services (SAS), a taxation consultancy, streamlines tax processes, enabling you to focus on achieving your business objectives through simplified and optimized tax practices.

  • 1997 Dynamic Logistics International (Pvt) Ltd.

    Dynamic Logistics International (DLI) originated as a custom brokerage house and evolve from its roots to become a Private Limited Company. With a dedicated team and advanced technology, DLI offers tailored solutions, free consultancy, and comprehensive transportation services, solidifying its position as a premier international logistics partner.

  • 1998 DLI Storage Solutions

    Dynamic Logistics International’s (DLI) strategic warehouse network in Karachi's key ports and Pakistan's industrial hubs underscores its commitment to exceptional storage and logistics solutions. These warehouses play a crucial role in enhancing supply chain efficiency through DLI's tailored services.

  • 2005 Cavish Security Services (Pvt) Ltd.

    Cavish Security Services, an established company with experienced specialists, offers security services to diverse clients, including multinational corporations, hotels, residences, embassies, and more. Leveraging expertise from senior retired Armed Forces Officers, we provide trustworthy and cost-effective security solutions across Pakistan, from commercial to public sector safeguarding.

  • 2008 Cavish Builder & Developers (Pvt) Ltd.

    Cavish Builder & Developers (Pvt) Ltd. is a reputable construction company known for its expertise in developing high-quality projects. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Cavish is dedicated to delivering superior construction solutions in the industry.

  • 2009 Cavish Associates (Pvt) Ltd.

    Cavish Associates (Pvt) Ltd. excels in construction, delivering innovative and high-quality projects with a strong commitment to excellence in the industry.

  • 2010 DLI Fleet Management

    Dynamic Logistics International (DLI) offers an integrated solution through Corporate Fleet Management and Lease Rental services. With a fleet of 400+ vehicles dedicated to local transport, we redefine corporate fleet management, minimizing risks and optimizing supply chain efficiency.

  • 2015 3D Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

    3D Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. is a leading firm specializing in comprehensive engineering solutions. With a focus on innovation and precision, the company is dedicated to delivering high-quality consulting services, contributing expertise to various engineering projects.

  • 2017 DLI Express

    DLI Xpress is fast emerging e-commerce logistics service provider in Pakistan, offering single platform to global partners with hands-on approach to ease the stress of shipping for their customers and is committed to provide foundations for B2B and B2C businesses to establish an efficient and effective supply chain.

  • 2018 Dynamic Global Shipping (Pvt) Ltd.

    Dynamic Global Shipping (DGS) is a leading logistics solution company, boasting a dedicated team focused on providing top-notch services and total logistics solutions. With a robust global network, DGS ensures timely and secure delivery of customer cargo, prioritizing information management for transparent communication. The main goal is customer satisfaction through flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient logistics solutions.

  • 2023 DLI X Global

    DLI X Global excels as a top-tier freight forwarder, offering efficient and tailored logistics solutions worldwide. Our commitment to reliability ensures seamless cargo transportation for clients globally.

  • 2024 DLI USA

    DLI USA is a premier inland transportation and fleet management company, specializing in seamless logistics solutions. With a robust fleet and cutting-edge technology, we ensure efficient and reliable transportation services, meeting the diverse needs of our clients with a commitment to excellence in every journey.