In the dynamic landscape of transit services, Dynamic Logistics International (DLI) takes center stage as the pivotal link connecting Jebel Ali (UAE), Afghanistan and Central Asia to the global trade network. Afghanistan, strategically located in central-southern Asia, surrounded by Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and China, serves as a crucial crossroads for trade and logistics. DLI assumes the crucial role of spearheading this transformative connection, leveraging its extensive expertise and network.

DLI's robust presence in Afghanistan began in 2002, with the establishment of an official registered office in 2003. Our extensive network within the region empowers us to seamlessly navigate shipments to and from the Central Asia Region via Pakistan. Given the geographical presence, Pakistan plays a pivotal role in the Afghan Transit Trade (ATT), with the Port of Karachi serving as the undeniable "GATEWAY" to Afghanistan and the Central Asian States (CIS). This strategic positioning facilitates major trade routes through custom gateways, including:

  • Peshawar / Torkham
  • Quetta / Chapman
Transit Services 2

Customized Solutions

DLI specializes in crafting bespoke Air-Sea and Land solutions designed for cargo moving to and from Afghanistan and the CIS. The comprehensive services include top-notch sea and air freight options, complemented by expert custom clearance and exemptions, all seamlessly coordinated through Afghan Ministries.

DLI's expertise extends to the adept management of diverse cargo types, including:

  • Break Bulk Cargo
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Construction and Rehabilitation Materials
  • Mining and Excavating Equipment and Materials

DLI's expertise knows no bounds, covering an array of cargo types such as government and aid projects, military and ISAF logistics, diplomatic cargo, and commercial cargo. From the ports of Pakistan and UAE, we handle break bulk, earth-moving equipment, vehicles, construction and rehabilitation materials, and mining and excavating equipment and materials. DLI emerges as your gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia, a beacon of excellence in the world of transit services. Our strategic presence in Afghanistan and extensive network empower us to offer tailor-made solutions, connecting the world to this central-southern hub. Whether managing diverse cargo or facilitating the logistics of government projects, DLI's unwavering commitment to facilitating efficient and secure transit services cements its position as the preferred partner for clients seeking dependable logistics solutions within the region. For personalized solutions and inquiries, contact us at Your journey to optimized logistics begins with DLI.